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PIONEER HARDWARE  can trace it’s roots back to 1926 in New York and Beverly Hills since 1925.  In New York, the store was called Lucerne Hardware Trading Company and was located in Manhattan on Amsterdam Avenue.  In Beverly Hills, Pioneer Hardware can be traced back to Rodeo Drive and then a long run on Beverly Drive before moving to Crescent Drive.


In 1983 Lucerne Hardware opened it’s doors at the current location at 315 N Crescent Drive and a few years later bought out Pioneer Hardware, which was located on Beverly Drive, and the 2 stores merged. Pioneer was the main “general store” in Beverly Hills  during from the 1930’s to the 1970’s serving the community with almost anything a home owner could need.  Gene Kelley even bought a pair of roller stakes at Pioneer Hardware in the early 50’s so he could teach himself  to dance in the rain for his famous movie “Singing In The Rain”


Pioneer Hardware is the oldest business still open in Beverly Hills and is still a family owned store.


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