David Horowitz writes to Pioneer Hardware:

I got an inquiry about your hardware store. I thought you'd like to see the inquiry and my response. Cheers, David Horowitz

Judy in Seattle wrote:
"In the November, 2000 issue of COSTCO CONNECTION, p. 64, you refer to a very friendly hardware store in Los Angeles that gives excellent service. Could you share the name of this store? My son lives in L.A. and has just bought his first house and needs to know dependable reliable support services. THANKS in advance."

David writes:
Dear Judy, The store I talked about in my Costco Connection article is Pioneer & Lucerne Houseware and Hardware. The store is family owned and has been in business since 1926. They are located in Beverly Hills, at 315 North Crescent Drive. Their toll-free phone number is "800- IN-90210". Regards, David Horowitz

David Horowitz writes:

The Costco Connection Magazine®, Nov. 2000, vol. 15, #11

"I recently moved into a new neighborhood in Los Angeles. I just couldn't get myself to schlep to the major crowded chain hardware barn on the weekend. My neighbor said, 'Try our local hardware store. It's a dream! It sells everything from one screw to a set of power tools, and a family has ran it for years.' I took the bait.
The instant I walked into the store to buy some wall anchors, I felt comfortable. 'Can I help you, sir?' the clerk said with a smile. I told him what I was looking for and he walked me straight to the desired items. I selected them, and he then escorted me to the cash register. My bill was just over $4. He gave me his card and told me to call him if I had any problems. He said I could return anything I don't use for a refund. He also told me the store had a crackerjack handyman available for $10 an hour for small jobs.
The prices were higher than a national chain store, but the service and friendliness won me over, with no need for a price comparison. And for me to not look at the price first is a big departure from how I usually shop. I felt like coming back to the store just to browse for things to buy. As I walked out, I saw the same contentment on the faces of other shoppers. The store hit the high-water mark on those three keys: quality, value and customer service. Shoppers I interview yearn for the feeling they used to have:to be treated like they matter. They don't want rudeness, lack of respect or excuses for lousy customer service. It is amazing that the small-business people who treat their customers well get it all back in loyalty and return visits, even if they can't be cost competitive with the mega-stores. Chains like Costco have learned that customer service is a key ingredient for their success."

Regards, David Horowitz

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