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On being part of the early recording sessions for Ozzy Osbourne's "Ozzmosis": James Lomenzo:

"We recorded that whole entire album, rehearsed it up-it was a great experience. Worked on the tunes out in Tahoe. Studio called Grammy's and then recorded the whole thing with the same guys that did 'No More Tears' and then Michael Wagener mixed it…. I was sitting in the studio as Michael Wagener (who is a great friend of mine because we used to do all of the White Lion work together)…he was mixing it and I thought it was sounding stunning, you know?

And the president of the company, it might have been Epic, walks in to the studio. I was there that very day as he listened to a few tunes. He kinda shook his head and he turned around to someone in the room and said, 'No, this isn’t it-this isn’t what I'm looking for.' Apparently what he wanted was for it to sound more like the grunge bands that were going on. So, you know, to my horror…not really-but as things turned around they ended up re-recording it using Geezer Butler and Dean Castronovo. They re-recorded the whole thing and I heard the album after it came out and my God, it's verbatim! But…there is some of my bass playing on there and I was delighted to hear it. There are some harmonic things on there. A lot of the stuff that Geezer did, and this isn't to besmirch him because he's my idol, you know, but he's playing a lot of the stuff I just played. I mean a lot of little turnarounds and stuff that I would do, he just kind of replaced it. I took that as a real compliment that he would even take the time to listen to it and to put the stuff in there."

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